“Inspired by the streets of Los Angeles , LOST ANGELZ PRODUCTIONS brings you a collection that entice your style thru the art of graffiti. Its time to bring authenticity into apparel and end all computer generated so-called graffiti art stolen from real street artist. L.A.P supplies you with genuine graffiti based art that’s practically pealed off the street walls and pasted onto our gear. L.A.P is proof that even though it can be easily perceived as vandalism, graffiti is not only art but a way of life that’s entwined within the realms of hip hop. Coming strait from the streets this hip hop/graff gear consists of all original art giving the graff/hip hop scene the respect it deserves, as these two elements have come so far and have sent many messages. By extracting the BEST of both worlds & taking them to the next levelof elegance the L.A.P staff commits to your satisfaction & continuous business. ART IS NOT A TREND, IT IS A LIFE STYLE, A WAY OF LIVING. IT IS US LOST ANGELZ PRODUCTIONS…” - David De La Riva

Thursday, 15 - 08 - 2013

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